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Deceptive. Misleading. A place of beauty that makes you stop and stare. But cross the threshhold...and you'll never escape your nightmares.
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PostSubject: Rules PLEASE READ ALL!   Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:32 pm

~The Rules~

Please put Skelington at the top of your app~!

1. Play nice! Have fun!!!

1a. There are children muses*, these are to be OC only! Leave the Japanese and Korean rock stars open for patients and new peoples please.

2. This is a LITERATE role play and there is a minimum of two paragraph (five or more sentences) posts. Of course it's understandable if you just hit a large brick wall. There will be games and chats provided for such writer blocks. One paragraph replies will be tolerated a few times if you just can not think of something. Don't over do it though and one sentences will NOT be allowed.

2a. If you as the mun need to say something (in both chat and thread alike) please use these means of indication so there isn't any confusion on who said what. {{ [[ ((; ) ] }
example: Mao: *kisses your lips* ((isn't he just soooo sweet~?!?!))

3. Post at the minimum, once in two weeks.

4. If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, please let everyone know in the Hiatus Thread.

5. Yaoi, Yuri, and Regular relationships are allowed, however there will be no m-preg of the sort (where the male has a child).*

6. Killing muses is allowed.*

7. First Come first serve, if the muse you wanted is not available, too bad, so sad. If there is someone you would like for us to hold until you have time to make your app, let an administrator know and we will hold the muse for one week, otherwise, they're up for grabs. (unless you're requesting for a specific date, then it will be held until that night before being released for grabs)

8. Username should be the name (AND ONLY) of the Muse you will be playing.
Wrong: ryuchan27
Right: Aoi

If there are multiples such as Shou from alicenine. and Shou from Golden Bomber, whoever is using the name second must put one of these ( . , ~ ) at the beginning or end of the name.
Right: Shou.; Shou,; Shou~:: .Shou; ,Shou; ~Shou
Wrong: Shou382, ShouGoldenBomber

9. Your Application MAY or MAY NOT be accepted. You must fill out EVERYTHING unless it is your THIRD muse*. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE checked the claims listing to see who is taken! ( there is also an incomplete unclaimed listing, but please check the claimed first just incase we miss something )

9a. There is also a Relationship List. Make sure you take a look so that you don't create a character for someone who's already found their match made in heaven. ( not really, but you get the idea )

10. Only musicians please, and keep it between Japan and Korea. (exception for child muses)*

11. This is an English speaking site!! If you happen to know one or two phrases in another language (or SPEAK another language ), you MUST have subtitles (ex: "Arigatou (thanks)" ). ALSO!!! Please try to use proper english literature. NO TEXT TALK unless muns are just chatting in the chat site.

12. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE APP OF THE MUSE WHO YOU'RE WRITING WITH!!!!! They may have some perks, tweaks, or fetishes that you don't know about and your poor muse could end up in a hostile situation.

13. DO NOT post any threads AT ALL ( period~ ) if your app has NOT been accepted yet. It's all right to chat in the provided area to get to know the mun's, other than that, your muse has not been hired/enlisted yet. And I know you love to read the rules, ( xD ) so put down your favorite kind of cupcake beneath the Age section on your Muse's app.

14. There may be a lot of changes that your muse goes through during the time he or she is enlisted or hired. If something changes your muses' behavior or his or her appearance then ask an Admin to unlock your character app.

15. Be sure that you label what your character is clearly. There are only Five main positions. Head Doctor (there can only be one!), Staff: Doctors, Nurses, Janitors (only two openings for Jan.) and Patients. You are welcome to have OC's for a post or two (family members, visiting friends, etc) but I want the main focus to be at the asylum. So there really isn't a "world" outside of the grounds for the people that work/live here.

16. Doctor Tatsuro (me) will be the man to see about a job or enlisting. In other words, the admins require you to have one simple thread with any of us on the site. This is so we can monitor your activity in a friendly way instead of having to constantly check every thread. Still here I see~ please place your favorite movie somewhere after your roleplay sample on the app so that I know you've read the rulesies~.

17. When you finish a thread or it dies off, please let an admin know the title and link us so it can be moved to the thread grave yard. This way none of the categories get filled up with dead and done threads. We like to keep things nice and neat around here.

18. Must have permission to post a new writer's block game, that goes for everyone. Do not blow them up either. The maximum is One post per day
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