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 Patient No. 19760216 Nishimura, Tooru aka Kyo

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PostSubject: Patient No. 19760216 Nishimura, Tooru aka Kyo   Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:05 pm


Name*: Ryu/Sweden/Shell (any will do)

Age*: 20 (December = 21)

E-mail*: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

(all the real information on Kyo below was ubtained through Diru's official website and website: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Name*: Nishimura, Tooru

Stage Name*: Kyo (short for Kyoto), (nick) Warumono

Band Name*: Dir en grey

Age*: 23
red velvet~

Position*: Patient

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?**: Not for now

Sexual Preference?: He tops, doesn't care what's on the bottom....>>

Appearance*: Kyo is a party sized human being and he hates it. Reaching at about 5'3" on his tip toes, he would prefer to wear stacked boots. His lean 96 lb body is worked at constantly, his hair is normally died blonde to hide the white hair he's already collected from his mood swings. He has multiple tattoos on his arms, chest, sides and neck, though the nurses take great care if covering them up with his clothing as well as keeping mirrors out of the room.

His skin is littered with multiple scar tissue because of what he does to himself when no one's watching. He also has beaten his jaw a few times, so it's slightly slack if and when he talks. The Nurses dress him in either all white outfits or black.

::Patients Only::

Over Seeing Doctor: None yet

Diagnosis*: Patient suffers from a stong case of Psychosis; an illness with the mind where a person's thoughts and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. Some noticable tendencies are delusions, hallucinational schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder.


Personality*: It's hard to say what Kyo's personality is like because he shows so many and more than half of them do not respong to outside personel. His moods swing from having a fairly good day to screaming and writhing on the floor, to expressionless distaste for everything, to psychotic laughing.

On a regular basis he talks to himself as if someone else is within the room. He is constantly looking over his shoulder and out his room window (when he's free to move about his living space). When he's not in one of his manic states of mind, he's actually very calm and enjoys to draw with a sketch pad and pencil, but this is rare because the slightest thing can set him off into his mood swings and before anyone can do anything, he'll be stabbing himself repeatedly with the same pencil.

He hates people. He thinks that they're constantly watching him, and judging him, so he tries to escape a lot. However there are times where a very rare occurence will happen where Kyo is kind to any one person or another, however his intentions are not ever sweet and innocent. When his victim of affection is beneath him, he will initiate intercourse vigorously until either he's satisfied or the person beneath him is dead from sever trauma to the head, deep gashes in vital areas, of has escaped some how.

Likes*: sharp objects, blood (his own and others), sleeping, drawing, white tigers, sausage (when he's allowed to eat it), muffins, terrorising others, dragons, sex, cigarettes

Dislikes*: people (especially tall people), his real name, has a slightly larger distaste towards women, being called cute, mirrors

Strengths*: is actually very strong for his size, and despite his dellusional mind, is very smart at escaping both binds and buildings.

Weaknesses*: thunderstorms, not very strong, is easy to fool because of his enlarged ego, children

Triggers: (what we've found so far) loud noises, people, blood (both his and others), looking his way, sharp objects, dark drawings, tattoos, birds, fast moving objects, blinking objects, cameras, restraints, unexpected noises, tapping noises, family photos, screaming, full moons, mirrors/his own reflection, colors, sex (most of the time)

WARNING: History and RP Sample contain very graphic depictions towards the end, if you have a vivid imagination and/or get sick easily, do not attempt to read this.
History*: Kyo was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1867, February 16th. His mother and father raised him until the age of five when they began to find him with his "pretty" little colection of half skinned animals and plucked birds with their head missing. As soon as possible they enrolled him into a hospital, but instead of helping him, things just got worse. He began to inflict pain on himself and at the age of 7 attacked his mother furiously after being called "cute".

It was after he turned 13 and nearly killed another little girl at the hospital he was moved to the Iwakami Asylum to the forth floor, room 213, the closest to the elevator and third floor "Quiet Room". From there Kyo developed the need to draw and at first, the doctors approved, thinking that it would be a portal for the other to reach to them on both what he saw and felt. They were right, but devistated to see his pictures. They consisted mainly of Kyo, sometimes with blood covering the pictures with different forms of writing on the "wall" on the paper. Most of the time it was of his own true name, but sometimes it was from his own face screaming from behind a ball gag. The pictures got more and more graphic as time went on and eventually they put it to an end. Kyo now sits in his room, most of the time either tied to his bed or in a straight jacket, though he always found a way out of them over time.

On his 22 birthday, he suddenly went quiet and the newest of the nurses came in to see what had gone wrong. Instead of looking at her through filthy looking blonde locks like the crazie he was, Kyo had his hair pushed back from his eyes and he looked at her with a true emotion of misunderstanding. "Why am I here?" He asked softly as the woman melted and proceded to untie the other, telling him of what he'd only done in the past few days. Kyo nodded along with shock written across his features, shivering a little as the woman pat his back, feeling sorry for the other.

It was several hours later that someone smelled cigarette smoke on the forth floor, they had a few other orderlies come along and what they found was horrific. Blood splattered the walls, Kyo in the corner of his room covered in it as well, smoking the last bit of a cigarette before putting it out into his wrist. The others then looked to the bed, the woman previously with her chest ripped open, her head beaten viciously and arms broken. It wasn't until two days later they had cleaned the room when another nurse found underneath the man's bed a large lump someone had missed, pulling it from under the bed, she wailed in horror, finding in her hand was the deceased nurses' heart with a nail shoved through the center. Where he got the nail is still a mystery, but Kyo was confined in the solitary room for several weeks before finally being returned back to his room.

For two weeks after he was returned he continually walked around in a circle talking to himself, checked under the bed then glared out of the little window in his door before repeating, only sleeping on the floor when exhausted enough. After that things went back to their abnormal ways, though he lured a few more women and even two men nurses in the same fashion, all whom he dismembered in some way, stoeing the parts under his bed.

Now 23 he sits quietly on the bed most days, staring at the wall, sometimes laughing randomly, other times looking as if close to tears. No one knows what he's really thinking, because when he does talk, it makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

Quote :
RP Sample*: They looked at him briefly through the window at him, but quickly pulled their heads away as the man's face quickly snapped towards the door. When they looked again, he was gone off the bed and they could no longer see him.

Kyo knew they were watching him. He could feel their cursed eyes on him even now that he wasn't acting up. He wasn't screaming, he wasn't crying. He was quiet. Those damned ass holes. He quickly looked to the window and saw someone's head slowly creep away from the clear glass as he grew enraged and jumped off his bed to run to the wall with skilled quickness and silent movements. From there he waited, watching the window again. Again the head came up and looked in with a large grin, like a circus clown, his black face peering in with wild red and yellow eyes, large tusk-like teeth potruding out from his bottom jaw. Kyo screamed in fear and anger as he jumped up and punched at the glass, the shards cutting at his knuckles and flying everywhere as he wailed and snarled at the demon watching him.

The doctor quickly pulled his head away just at the other's fist came up to the two inch thick window, not surprized that the other continued to punch and scream at him, even though he couldn't get through. The man's knuckes began to bleed as the other turned to the group behind him and offered the window for them to see. "This patient sufferes from a rare mixture of hallucinational delusions, schizophrenia and psycotic bi-polor disorders. He is violent most of the time, but we have lost a few good members of our STAFF to his calm side. Do NOT make the mistake in thinking under all these problems he is a gentle human being, that's just not how his mind works." He said as they moved on, Kyo glaring at each individual as they quickly looked away.

Kyo huffed against the wall, his head pressed against a shard as blood ran down his face before he pulled away from the door and army crawled to his bed, hiding underneath it. They would never find him under here. He thought as he baracaded himself with his pillow. He pressed the item to himself as if for comfort suddenly, his body shaking in fear as he sniffled. He just wanted to go home to momma and papa. The man bit on his lip as a soft crinkling of his pillow felt as if something were moving against his cheek within the wrapping. Birds. His pillow was filled with birds. He tossed the thing to the side, staring at it with fear as he shivered, his face suddenly going red with anger, jumping on the pillow with all his force as it burst, sending the birds free, flying everywhere around the room, tweeting and taunting him as he growled and grabbed for them, grabbed their little necks and twisted their heads off as they bit as his hands and fingers, cutting them.

The nurse came to the window and sighed, seeing the blood before she opened the door and rolled her eyes, watching the other cut at his own hands with his finger nails as he tore at the down feathers that had once filled his pillow. She called a few of the men inside as Kyo screamed and fought each one of them until he was fully restrained against the bed, hissing and snapping his jaws at anyone that got near him with a tube. He hadn't eatin in two days and any liquid they gave to him was tossed against the wall or at the nurse herself.

They were finally able to force the tube down the other's throat before inserting the food and water down it, two other nurses grooming his nails again, another one going through his hair with bleach and yellow dye. No matter how short his nails were, he always cut himself. The nurse sighed then, deciding that they'd leave him there like that before they all got up and left, Kyo whimpering and gurgling against the tube, trying to scream, but all that fell out of his mouth was a choked and watery whimper.
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PostSubject: Re: Patient No. 19760216 Nishimura, Tooru aka Kyo   Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:25 pm

Accepted xD

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Patient No. 19760216 Nishimura, Tooru aka Kyo
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