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Deceptive. Misleading. A place of beauty that makes you stop and stare. But cross the threshhold...and you'll never escape your nightmares.
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 Patient no 4638624

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PostSubject: Patient no 4638624   Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:19 pm




Name*: Maedae

Age*: old... 27

E-mail*: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

::Muse:: Manabu

Name*: Manabu

Stage Name*: Manabu (only name that's known)

Band Name : Screw

Age*: 18, But doesn't know his age
German Chocolate (vodka)

Position*: Patient

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?**: Not at this point, at least not to be killed.

Sexual Preference?: Most likely male, but virgin and inexperienced.

Appearance*: Manabu has black hair and black eyes. He is short and has nearly no body fat, being paranoid of all foods. He is usually dressed in scrubs, although a straight jacket is added as needed. He likes to add color to everything around him, regardless of what and how, so his skin, hair, and clothes are prone to being "painted" as he calls it.

::Patients Only::

Over Seeing Doctor: None for now

Diagnosis*: Paranoid Schizophrenia and delusions


Personality*: Manabu seems far too innocent for his age, behaving more like a five year old in most situations. However, this is the cover he presents. Manabu is a convicted murderer, having viciously murdered his stepfather after a lifetime of Physical, emotional, and partially sexual abuse. After being sent to a prison at 14, he committed a few more violent, horrific acts. Finally, a warden realized that Manabu was disturbed, and had him transferred to the asylum. He seemed to change overnight, acting more like a child than a murderer. However, he is still beyond capable of harming any and everyone given the right situation. He is still one of the less violent patients in day to day actions.

Likes*: Music, paint, and being alone.

Dislikes*: Straight Jackets and any mention of HIM, his step father

Strengths*: Small and fast, he runs quickly. He's also extremely easy to trust.

Weaknesses*: HIM, And his utter fear of everything he doesn't know.

Triggers: HIM, or having to talk about the sister he hasn't seen in years.

History*: Manabu was born two years after his sister, the child of rape. His mother had been married, and when Manabu was born, her husband reacted badly, abandoning his mother and sister. When he was two, she remarried to a local smith, taking them into his home. Everything seems perfect to everyone that knew them, but the smith hid a secret. He would often lock Manabu up, torture him, abuse him, tell him he destroyed everything, and as he aged, got closer and closer to raping him.

At 14, that day finally came, and he came to the room he held Manabu in, and started trying. Manabu had begun to hear voices and see people several years before, and as he was hurt more and more, he listened to the voices telling him to kill him. That if he did what they said, they'd protect him.

His mother found him, and what remained of his step father 3 hours later, and from then on, he was a criminal.

Quote :
RP Sample***: Manabu sat in the corner of the cell, eyes narrowed and watching every time a guard or fellow prisoner passed by. The jeers and words sent to him reminded him of everything his step father had been. He whispered softly, pushing himself back further as a guard opened his cell.

"You're getting a roommate, sweety. Play nice." He told Manabu, pushing in a much larger man. The man leered at Manabu, making kissy faces at him. "Come on and play."

Manabu sneered, trying to hide himself as the voices spoke. When the man got closer, He let the voices take control, attacking the man before he could attack him.

The lord of the rings.

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PostSubject: Re: Patient no 4638624   Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:06 pm

Thank you lovely~!! ^^ accepted

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Patient no 4638624
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