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 Asylum Staff Orderly/Nurse :: Ni~Ya

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PostSubject: Asylum Staff Orderly/Nurse :: Ni~Ya   Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:04 pm



Name*: Avadedra, or ~AVA~

Age*: But moooooooom~ *sigh* Fine... I'm 27 now. x__x

E-mail*: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Name*: Baba Yuji

Stage Name*: Ni~Ya (( Preferred over his real name ))

Band Name*: Nightmare

Age*: (rp-only) 27
<< Chocolate on Chocolate w/ sprinkles >>

Position*: Orderly/Nurse

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?**: Not at the moment, please.

Sexual Preference?: Anything, as long as it screams and feels good.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Ni~Ya stands about 5'8" in height and, while not entirely skinny, is exceptionally toned and proportioned throughout his body. He has thick black hair that he keeps at shoulder length and loose. His eyes are deep chocolate brown and engaging, carefully concealing his inner thoughts from everyone around him.

::Patients Only::

[u]Over Seeing Doctor
: Hasn't had one since he was released from the Asylum.

Diagnosis*: SEVERE Sadism Disorder ( noted as "cured" before release )


Ni~Ya is a sweet guy, always helpful and easy-going. He likes to joke and tease the patients that are receptive of humor, and he rarely has a bad thing to say about the rest. Ni~Ya is more than willing to leap in and get a handle on the more... difficult... patients. He says it's to keep others from being hurt. But it's not. Not really.

Underneath, Ni~Ya thrives on pain. He gets his pleasure from hurting others, from drawing blood and screams from those he chooses. As a teenager, he spent many years in the asylum as a patient, and through the many "treatments" he recieved, learned to control and hide his disorder. He became so good at it that they deemed him "cured" and released him. Returning as an orderly, Ni~Ya puts on the face of kindness, of one reformed and bearing the goal of helping others get better. But when he finds the opportunity, Ni~Ya singles out a patient and has his happy fun with them. Anything to make himself feel good.

Likes*: pain (inflicting); those that fight back; screaming; sex

Dislikes*: being watched too closely; having pain inflicted on him

Strengths*: physically strong; his charm; his smile

Weaknesses*: the weak; a beautiful, fragile person

Triggers: Ni~Ya's desires are sparked by the sight of blood, or when he is called on to help restrain a patient. Afterward, he gets the urge and must find someone to rough around and fuck, or he'll grow irritable.

The first time Ni~Ya gave in to the impulse to hurt someone, he was sixteen. He was secretly dating a young boy in his hometown, and one night after sex, he felt the burning desire to hit the boy. So he did. The feeling was exhilerating, so he continued to hit the other boy, growing more and more aroused until he raped him multiple times. Ni~Ya admitted later that his orgasms then were the best ever because he'd been spurred on by the screams of his boyfriend.

Since the other boy was so terrified of him, even with multiple broken bones and permanent damage to his face, the police were not asked to arrest him. Instead, Ni~Ya's parents sent him to the asylum. In the first three months, Ni~Ya had beaten and raped eighteen people; ten patients, a janitor, and seven nurses, male and female. Placed in a room far from others and never let out without armed guard, Ni~Ya's doctor slowly began the process of recuperating the boy.

Ni~Ya was far from stupid, though, and used his long stretches of isolation learning to control his urges. Slowly, he began to convince the staff that he was getting better. No one else was beaten or raped after he was put back in his normal room, and within a six years, Ni~Ya was sent home. He slipped back into his old habits, but he travelled to neighboring cities to do his deed, not wanting to draw attention to himself.

After a time, Ni~Ya began to realize that he needed something more. He needed a place that he wouldn't have to travel so much, but he could still help himself when he needed it. After an exceptionally wonderful night of abuse and sex, he decided that the best place to go was back to the asylum. He travelled back to the place, swallowing his fear, remembering the screams that echoed in the walls, and spoke to the head doctor. It took a little convincing, but Ni~Ya is now an orderly, helping handle the patients on a day-to-day basis. And during his down time... Ni~Ya is up to his old tricks, singling out the ones that either can't tell, or wouldn't be believed anyway.

Afterall... Ni~Ya's such a nice guy.

<< CAUTION :: RP sample is a bit graphic, even though it's short. You've been warned. >>
Quote :
RP Sample
The man beneath him lay limp on the bed, face bloodied from Ni~Ya's fists. Small whimpers of pain left him, but Ni~Ya wasn't listening. He was busy holding the man's legs up, slamming his hardened cock into the willing, broken body beneath him. The man had already been forced to cum at least three times, but Ni~Ya wasn't finished. Far from it. But time was short, too short. Someone would come soon and notice he wasn't at his post.

"It's alright," he whispered harshly, grinning at the man. "There's other nights. So many other nights."

Pulling free of the wonderfully tight orifice surrounding him, Ni~Ya slithered upward, prying the man's mouth open, shoving himself inside. The man began to scream again, the sounds muffled, but he knew better than to bite. Ni~Ya had already gotten THAT idea out of his head. Groaning, Ni~Ya thrust himself in and out of that mouth, hands gripping his hair. It wasn't long before he was cumming, filling the man's mouth, laughing as it spilled out over his lips.

"Perfect... so perfect... remember this... oh, so special..."

Pulling away, he pulled his clothes on, eyeing the man where he lay gagging. A fearful glance at the orderly made the man swallow the release convulsively, setting him to gagging again. Nodding, Ni~Ya went to the door and slipped out, using his keyring to lock the door. No one would believe he'd done anything to the man. Another patient on this ward would be blamed. He had a habit of sneaking into other rooms somehow. Ni~Ya smiled, beginning his round with a jaunty step. At the end of the hall, he began to whistle a happy tune.

<< The Jackal >>[/center]
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PostSubject: Re: Asylum Staff Orderly/Nurse :: Ni~Ya   Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:52 pm

Accepted lovely~

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Asylum Staff Orderly/Nurse :: Ni~Ya
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