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Deceptive. Misleading. A place of beauty that makes you stop and stare. But cross the threshhold...and you'll never escape your nightmares.
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 Reita the Janitor~

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PostSubject: Reita the Janitor~   Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:45 pm



Name: Juni

Age: I'm twelve~ Really~ *Innocent smile*

E-mail: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Name: Suzuki Akira

Stage Name: Reita

Band Name: The Sparkling Cupcakes (No, the Gazette, really…)

Age: 21
I don't eat them!

Position: Janitor

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science? (can they die and/or be cured to leave?: Depends, how much does it pay? (NO!!)

Sexual Preference?: Not really that picky, but prefers to top. Especially men. Especially cute insane ones.

Appearance: Standing some 5'10 tall with a toned, muscular body and tanned skin, Reita gives the perfect image of a popular model. Only, he's a janitor in a mental hospital. Well, no such luck. Still, he likes to groom himself to perfection, no matter the circumstances. Even when he's mopping the floors or cleaning out the toilets, Reita has his spiky blond hair done the perfect way. He won't go as far as to wear make-up though, but even without it his dark eyes stand out nicely in his round face. Add to that a perpetual smirk, and you have the perfect lady-killer right there.

Since he's not a part of the medical staff, Reita can wear whatever he wants. His outfit of choice is a pair of black baggy pants and a loose black or white wife-beater top. He favors loose clothing because it's comfortable to work in. He also wears a white band of cloth over his nose at all times, the reason for that will be explained in the history section. Other than that, Reita often wears leather wristbands and armbands, as well as a single silver ring on his middle finger of the left hand.


Personality: Reita is a rather hard to seize character. He's known to do the things that you expect the least in the unlikeliest of moments. He has a type of humor that people usually find peculiar; a dry, sarcastic kind of humor that often takes people off-guard because he always jokes with a straight face. Which makes it hard to tell whether he's joking or not. He gives out the impression that he's a real badass, but when it comes to knowing him personally, people can easily see that he's only trying to make this kind of impression. He's only the janitor, after all.

Reita's biggest flaw is patience. He really doesn't have any. He'll snap over the smallest thing, but he usually calms down pretty fast. The second in line when it comes to cardinal sins would be sloth. He's lazy, and overly messy in every aspect of his life even though his job is to clean up. Which is an interesting paradox, but Reita is just full of them. One good thing though is that he's pretty laid back about things in general. Except when he gets impatient, but as aforementioned he usually cools down pretty fast.

Other than that, Reita is a hardcore gambler. It doesn't have to be about money, anything that provides some sort of challenge will ignite him. Games, dares, challenges, he'll take up on anything that gives him a thrill. It includes messing with people's minds in order to destabilize them, because it's a fun game to him. And he SO loves doing that.

Likes: Messing with people's minds, putting people off-balance, his bike (motorcycle, not bicycle XD), his job (even though he keeps complaining that it's a pain in the ass), dirty jokes, beer, gambling

Dislikes: Tatsurou, clogged toilets (especially when said clogging has been done on purpose), cafeteria food, his nose, wasps (he's allergic to their sting), stressful situations, his job in general

Strengths: Pretty darn sure of himself, physically strong, generally lucky in everything

Weaknesses: Gambling, cute uke men

Triggers: Losing a bet

History: Suzuki Akira was born from loving parents, and he could have had a wonderful childhood, but unfortunately fate decided otherwise. Both his parents died from an epidemic that hit the country when he wasn't even two years old so he was put into an orphanage. He spent his childhood and teenage years there, because whenever someone came up to consider him for adoption he always acted like a bad child. He didn't want to be adopted. He didn't want a family that wasn't his own. So he stayed at the orphanage until he reached the age of 16, then he was kicked out because he was too old to stay there anymore. So he had to survive in the streets. Fortunately, he wasn't alone. Around that time, there were a lot of homeless kids so he joined a gang and managed to survive that way.

That was around that time that he got the scar on his nose. He got into a fight, got slashed in the face with a knife and got disfigured forever. From that time on, while he was in that gang, he wore a piece of cloth over his nose to hide the scar.

He did robbery. He did prostitution. He did all the things that he needed to do in order to have something to eat. And then at some point he got sick of it. He wanted a steady job, but who was going to hire a homeless kid? He looked around, and eventually stumbled upon Iwakami Asylum. He told them that he was ready to do any job that was available. So he was hired as a janitor. That was five years ago. And he's still there. And his job sucks, but that's the only one that he has so he bears with it. The head doctor is a bitch because he always finds a way to criticize him about his work, but Reita swallows it and keeps quiet. At least he has a job. And the head doctor doesn't know that, but he can have his fun with some of the willing patients. In fact, life could be much worse.

Quote :
RP Sample: Reita smirked as he pulled the bottle of booze from his bag, waving it in front of Ruki's as the man tried to grab it, then he hid it behind his back.

- "I got you want you wanted, Ruki-san," he purred, sitting back in his chair and crossing his legs in a casual manner. "But before I hand it over to you, you have to fulfill your part of the bargain…"

He loved the glare that Ruki shot in his direction. Oh it was pretty clear that the little man was unhappy about the situation, but a deal was a deal.

- "Let's see what those pretty lips of yours can do," he commented as he ran his thumb across Ruki's bottom lip.

He uncrossed his legs and reached into his pants to pull out his already erect cock. He knew that Ruki was doing this reluctantly. Booze was the only reason why he had agreed to it in the first place. So Reita loved to see him wallow in self-consciousness, he loved to see him struggle with himself. He wasn't really that much of a sadist, but he loved toying with people. And Ruki was the perfect victim for him.

- "If you're not good enough, you won't have your booze," he added, trying hard not to laugh.

He already knew that Ruki was going to give him what he wanted. It was just fun teasing him.

The Lord of the Rings~
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PostSubject: Re: Reita the Janitor~   Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:54 pm

Accepted, baby~

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Reita the Janitor~
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