A New Nightmare

Deceptive. Misleading. A place of beauty that makes you stop and stare. But cross the threshhold...and you'll never escape your nightmares.
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PostSubject: Regulations   Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:33 pm

~The Regulations~

1. There will be NO tolerance for misbehaving. Anyone caught verbally abusing another mun, or harassing will result in immediate deletion.

2. There will be NO shota or any other version of child porn!! Any one with the balls to do it will again, be deleted faster than you can sing "WELL HEY!IT'S WAFFLE TIME! IT'S WAFFLE TIME! WON'T YOU HAVE SOME WAFFLES OF MINE~!!!???" bottom line, we'll be bestest friends for everest if you keep your child porn away from my site mhm!!! xD but seriously, don' do eeet!!!

3. If I find out you lied about your age, you will be deleted, and that's that. I will allow as young as 16. If you indulge in adult fiction I will be forced to delete you as well. So don't do it and have fun, yeah?

4. There is plenty of room for two of the male figures to adopt a child, same with two women and Regular couples can obviously have children, but there is a strict NO male-prego~

5. Killing muses is allowed, There will be a section on the app for you to fill in with a simple Yes or No answer. You don't have to elaborate, just answer it. Patients died all the time so remember when you say yes or no, you will be held to it unless you contact Doctor Tatsuro (me) about it personally wanting to change it and why.

6. There is a maximum of muses. 3 adults to each mun and a single child. That's four muses in all. You are allowed to trade an adult mun for another child, but not the child for another adult. If you want another adult muse, you will have to sacrifice one of the existing. It keeps from people having too many and being swamped and it also leaves more room for other NEW people to actually be able to have a muse they want or like.
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