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 Hiring Manager, Tatsurou

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PostSubject: Hiring Manager, Tatsurou   Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:09 pm


Name*: Ryu/Sweden/Shell (any will do)

Age*: 20 (December = 21)

E-mail*: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Name*: Iwakami, Tatsurou

Stage Name*: Tatsurou, Tatsu

Band Name*: MUCC

Age*: 28
red velvet~

Position*: Hiring Manager/Doctor

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?**: No

Sexual Preference?: Pan Sexual

Appearance*: Tatsurou is hardly ever seen outside of the asylum. Inside he is usually dressed in all white clothing, his skin is pale and rather thin looking for his age. His dark eyes pierce through even the most insane person's delusions if only for a moment, and his long black hair runs in waves down his back, but he usually keeps it tied back with a piece of string or a black ribbon. When he isn't seen with his spectacles on, he's usually seen walking around with some patient's clip board.

On the off chance he gets a day off, Tatsurou can actually be seen in the complete opposite of color as far as clothing goes. He usually likes to wear tight black pants with knee high boots that he fashioned himself as well as a tight fitting black shirt and a knee length black over coat. His hair is in a mess on these days, and his eyes seem even darker.

The man stands at about 182cm (5'9"), but he likes to hold himself as straight as he can to look a little taller.


Personality*: Tatsurou is a very cold person to other human beings. He's very wrapped in his work and his off duty studies that he conducts freely in the basement of the asylum. In a way to the other doctors and nurses, he's a bit cocky about certain things, though he's not always right.

All in all, he's a sour kind of guy to be around, but under the layers he's built up around himself, his true nature is both very unstable and not that much different from the patients he's treated. He has a very sinister side and enjoys every thing about blood.

Likes*: sharp objects, experiments, blood, dark nights, thunderstorms, children

Dislikes*: overly cheery nurses, ditsy people, disrespect

Strengths*: is very quick with a blade (any kind) and thinks of interesting new ways to "heal" a sick person; has a very high pain tolerance.

Weaknesses*: thunderstorms, not very strong, is easy to fool because of his enlarged ego, children

Triggers: gets angry when people are too happy; gets sad on a clear day; blood makes him go slightly insane (in a good way for him); anger only makes him more sadistic.

History*: Tatsurou was born into the business of curing the insane. His great grandfather was the one who built the Asylum back in 1783, one of the few at the time. As a young boy, he spent most of his time in the nursery at the asylum with his sister. This was both for support of his family business and even at the young age, he found "not right" people facinating. At the age of three, his little sister developed a case of fits that turned into dependency issues. For a long while, Tatsurou couldn't go any where inside the asylum without having to drag along a wailing mess of a child girl behind him.

After that, Tatsurou was destined to get the job his great grandfather and grandfather had taken when he was old enough.

The boy didn't understand just exactly why his father hadn't taken the job when he was of age, but it didn't matter to him, in fact, he figured out it only meant he'd be in power of the asylum sooner.

By the time that Tatsurou was 19, he began to work under his grandfathers' suporvison. It went splendidly until Tatsurou enlisted his own sister as a patient, and worse, he was the presiding doctor on her case. The man's grandfather didn't approve because he knew that the boy was slightly disconnected with all his patients, not to mention that Tatsurou had three others that he had to take care of. But Tatsurou ignored his wisdom and took on the forth task, his sister.

Everything went alright for the furst month or so. It was after that Tatsurou began to show signs of not really being all that sane himself. After a few more months, the granfather ordered Tatsurou to allow another doctor to take his sister and a couple of the other patients he was working with and then had another doctor check Tatsurou out. The man was furious.

No one knows what happened that night after Tatsurou had been examined, but the next morning, the grandfather was found in one of his patients room, his throat slit and the patient covered in blood with a scalple.

Tatsurou took the lead at the top after that, his files of his previous exam had gone missing and for ten years he stayed at the top. But he found that he was not as ready for everything as he'd thought. The old man had not left any form of insurence in case of his death and bills started piling onto Tatsurou before he could blink an eye.

Only 9 years after he'd gotten what he'd always wanted, he demoted himself to only hiring manager and reinstated his practicing license. For now the position is open for the right man (or woman) for the job. Tatsurou enjoys his position now, seeing as in the last two years, he's decided that experimenting on patients is more his thing.

Quote :
RP Sample*: Tatsurou sighed as he looked down at the application in his hand, his specticles resting lightly on the bridge of his nose as a small stream of hair escaped it's binding from behind his head. Angrily, he shoved it back behind his ear and tossed the paper onto the top of the desk, leaning back in his chair, the metal springs and bolts squeaking loudly as he did. He needed to think... but he couldn't. There was so much to finish today. He really needed to hire another Janitor, the other one was complaining about too much work for just one person. He was right of course, but Tatsurou just didn't have that many applicants.

The man looked out the doorway and grumbled, seeing the nurse he'd hired a few weeks ago come in, wearing an odd outfit. She was so peculiar, it made him slightly angry. Growling, he stood up and walked over to the door, slamming it shut before he stalked over to the window and instantly began to calm down. There were storm clouds on their way as he smirked. That would at least lighten his gloomy mood. Perhaps, he thought, he should go down to the dungeons and work on the new experiment he had lined up for the week.

It was slightly saddening in a way. That some of his patients came to him without really records of their families and such. He took in a lot of criminals too, but that was expected. With some many people pleading insanity rather than just guilty, he was bound to eventually have a whole floor pretty soon. Oh well... they found out that while under his eye, they didn't stand a chance. A little knock on the door startled him slightly as he quickly turned around and in came a small child, eyes as round as jaw breakers as he hummed, "Where's the nurse you should be with?" He asked, comeing over to the child as he simply stuck his thumb into his mouth. "Come on..." The other said, leading him away from the office.

Nightmare Before Christmas~
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Hiring Manager, Tatsurou
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