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 Patient No.102890: Kai

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almost 21

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Uke Yutaka

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Strong handsome men of course

Kai has dark brown hair that goes to about his shoulders and covers his dazzling green eyes. He stands at about 5 feet and four inches tall; weighing about 135 pounds. He has his ears pierced...or had them pierced anyways. They took his earrings away when he was locked up. He has pale soft smooth skin that marks easily.

As for clothing, Kai would rather sit in his room naked then be caught dead in the male clothing he's supposed to wear. Having his gender disorder, he can't see himself as pretty in the pants or shorts that are required to be worn by the male patients. He'd rather wear a dress or a skirt then those clothing pieces.

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Kai is also slightly insane. He has an imaginary best friend so he's often seen talking to him or as the doctors say, "talking to himself" Yuki is, in actuality, his dead son from when he was younger. He was pregnant at age 17 but lost the baby soon after it was born. It was then he started to go crazy; seeing a little boy all over the place. Yuki is only 10 years old in Kai's mind.


Kai is a fairly loving man when you get to know him. Aside from his stuck up attitude and "friend" issue, he's really a very sweet man that enjoys cuddling and playing. He tries hard to make friends, as long as they don't think they're better then him of course. He adores having people compliment him and praise him. It adds to his ego and makes him feel better about himself. He often worries that people are talking about him behind his back and putting him down so he makes up for it with being cocky and snide; thinking he's better then everyone else and prettier.

Because of his Narcissistic personality and his need to be the best, his gender disorder plays a major role. He believes that mens clothing will make him ugly and average. He refuses to wear them and if they're put on him, he will shred them as best he can when finally alone. He cannot stand them at all. The doctors who put them on him, are often called, The Jealous, according to him.

being praised, SEX, being teased sexually, being a spoiled slave/pet, milk, sucking on things, kids, getting bitten, his imaginary friend; Yuki, cross dressing; he hates male clothing

being told what to do, meanies, being told Yuki isn't real, wearing mens clothing, the "tests" and "experimental treatments", medicine, people touching his Yuki stuffed tigers

he has a very cute and irresistible pout, has a strong pain tolerance but still fears pain

he gives in to nearly everything if sex is involved, not very good at reading or writing, Yuki or the mention of children

Being told Yuki isn't real, being forced into mens clothing, being put down

Kai was born into an average household. He was an only child and for years he was a regular little boy. When he turned 14 however, he caught site of his father in a dress and everything changed. He suddenly grew jealous that a man could be pretty. Something inside him snapped and he flew into a rage. His mother, unable to take his unexplained outbursts, left town and never returned, leaving Kai alone with his father.

One night, at age 16, Kai's jealousy finally possessed him beyond his control and he did what any "non-beautiful" man could do. He took a knife and slit his fathers throat, leaving him to bleed out in his bed. Feeling better about himself, he took a small bag of money and left the house, wandering for a couple days.

At his 17th birthday, he met another man, a less handsome one, who showed him the ways of sex and love making. It was a couple months later when they found out he was pregnant. Both thrilled to be having a baby, they spent much money preparing for the child. towards the due date, they learned they'd be having a boy and Kai deemed he would be named Yuki.

When the date of the birthing came, Kai had a normal delivery. The baby was perfect in his eyes and he loved it more then anything in the world; possibly more then he loved himself. But...tragedy fell upon him. No more then two weeks old, little Yuki fell deathly ill and passed away. Distressed beyond belief, Kai fell into despair, having emotional outbursts and more rage tantrums.

Unable to help his lover, the father decided it was probably best to place Kai into a mental institute. Too upset to know what was going on, Kai was placed into the ward under careful evaluation. He was watched for two years before they decided on where he needed to go. It was during that time, Kai started to see Yuki. Of course no one else could see the child and as such, Kai was deemed insane and locked away.

Due to the many tests and experiments run on him, to try and revert him back to normal, Kai's body is no longer able to produce children anymore which only adds to his insanity and his sheer need to have a child of his own again. He can often be heard singing children songs in his room or in the corridors.

From time to time, Kai's lover is allowed to visit, bringing checked over stuffed toys for the male. Every time he comes, he brings some sort of white tiger plush and it's added to Kai's ever growing steady collection. He still comes once a month to visit him and his very much unreal "friend".

Quote :
RP Sample:
At first he wasn't sure where he was, why he was here or what had happened. It was dark...wet...smelled of blood and other bodily fluids. A soft whine slipped from his lips, scaring him slightly as he sat up or tried to. He was in an alley, sitting in a puddle of muddy water.

He was dressed in ruined tattered clothing, his ankle was bent in a way he knew it shouldn't be in. With a shaky hand, the small brunette neko, reached up on his head, making sure his ears were still in place after the amount of tugging and yanking they had received.

Normally he wouldn't have said no to sex...but he had been trying to get to work on time when a small group of men had come up to him and started hitting on him. He had said "no, I'm sorry" just once before they kicked him into the alley and had their brutal way with him.

With his clothing in ruins, his body bruised, bleeding, dirty and sore, his ankle starting to throb in agonizing pain, the neko did all he could think of to do, cry and call out for help in a slightly weakened voice then what he had thought it would be.

Someone would help him...right?

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PostSubject: Re: Patient No.102890: Kai   Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:15 am


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Patient No.102890: Kai
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