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 Patient No. 228311 - Toshiya

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PostSubject: Patient No. 228311 - Toshiya   Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:54 am



Name*: Avadedra, or ~AVA~

Age*: But moooooooom~ *sigh* Fine... I'm 27 now. x__x

E-mail*: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Name*: Hara Toshimasa

Stage Name*: Toshi, Totchi, Toto (if you're brave)

Band Name*: Dir en grey

Age*: (rp-only) 24
<< White w/ choc. icing >>

Position*: Patient

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?**: At present time... NO.

Sexual Preference?: YES PLEASE~!

Toshiya stands at 5'9"/5'10" in height and weighs approximately 130 pounds. His build slender, his body strong, Toshiya takes pride in his looks. Dark brown, almost black eyes rest beneath the fringe of jet black hair, staring at the world with an almost mischevious glint in them. He enjoys wearing things that show off his body, pants and shirts that cling to his muscles and curves, the darker the better, opting for black, greys, and blues.
Tattoos: (rp only) Toshiya has the word LOKI tattooed in bold letters at the base of his neck, just below where the collar of a shirt lays.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[center]::Patients Only::[/c]

[u]Over Seeing Doctor
: Unknown thus far.

Toshiya has what some would call dissociative identity disorder (split personality). One moment, he's fun and carefree, a spaz at best. The next, he's loud, crude and obnoxious. When in his stable frame of mind, Totchi is the life of the party, ready to entertain and laugh. He enjoys telling off-color and dirty jokes, and will tease and flirt devilishly if he likes you enough. When the identities shift, Toshiya becomes vicious, brash, and shows zero regard for anyone around him. He'll pick a fight with anyone, especially if it means he'll get something out of it.



Personality 1:: Toshiya -> Sweet, caring, uplifting, helpful, loving, doting, understanding, happy, nice, etc. Everything good and wholesome and the only person his family wants him to be. People tend to like this personality, and wish would be the only one he had.

Personality 2:: Totchi/Toshi -> Loud, brash, obnoxious, argumentative, destructive, hateful, mean, disruptive, etc. This personality is cruel to doctors, nurses, and other patients, and generally needs to be locked up in a room somewhere.

The two personalities are VERY much aware of one another and, when Toshiya is sitting by himself, they can be found arguing with one another, oftentimes very loudly with Totchi cursing and Toshiya begging him to behave. There are times, also, when only one personality is present and the other has no recollection of what has happened in their "absence."

Toshiya -> tattoos; alcohol (whines and moans because he can't have it); loud music; parties; easy sex
Totchi/Toshi -> torture (doing and being); rough/hard sex; cursing; making the nurses scream in fright; annoying the doctors

Toshiya -> being restrained; knowing that he's hurt someone; losing privileges

Totchi/Toshi -> being restrained (in a non-sexual manner); being confined (solitaire); being alone; being ignored; being gagged/muffled

Strengths*: physically strong in his upper body; swimming; willingness to do most anything for sex or alcohol (both personalities)

Weaknesses*: alcohol; spiders (fear); being offered sex; needles (fear); his parents

Triggers: These are hard to pin down in Toshiya. The littlest things can set him off into either a frenzy of violence, or into an onslaught of helpfulness, courtesy, and kindness. Oftentimes, tapping into one of his many fears will set him off somehow.

Up until he was four or five, Toshiya seemed pretty normal. He was a happy child, always playful and respectful, willing to help and behave. Shortly after his fifth birthday, though, his parents began to notice changes in their son. At first, they thought he was only speaking to an imaginary friend, but it became obvious that it was far worse than that. By the time Toshiya was in his teens, he'd been expelled from three schools for fighting, even though he claimed he had NO IDEA what anyone was talking about.

When he was seventeen, and out of options for schools, Toshiya's parents began searching for hospitals that could treat their son. His mother lived in constant fear of him after being hospitalized twice by Totchi (they began differentiating when he was eleven). Most of the local hospitals, however, rejected him on the grounds of his level of violence, having neither the man-power nor the patience to deal with him.

Eventually, word came to them of the asylum. More like, it was whispered to them that the place could deal with Toshiya's unique disposition. Ignoring their sons protests and threats, they brought him here within the last few weeks and haven't been to see him since. Feeling abandoned and alone, Toshiya's personalities are getting harder to maintain, no matter how hard he tries.

[quote]RP Sample***:
Toshiya opened his eyes slowly, his head groggy. From the stinging in his arm, he knew he'd been sedated again. Groaning, he tried to turn his head, but found that he couldn't. Panic threatened to set in, but he held it back. It wouldn't do him any good. Still trying to clear his head, he thought about it. Sedation. Can't move his head. He was restrained. Laying down. So, he was on a gurney. Twisting his arms, he felt the straps bite into his wrists, and he was sure they were on his ankles and across his hips and chest as well. Apparently, he'd had another episode.

"Right you are," he said, Totchi's voice deep and hard, almost gleeful. "That nurse will have a pretty, pretty scar on her pretty, pretty neck for a long, long time."

"No... you didn't..." Toshiya pleaded with himself. "Tell me you didn't... hurt someone again..."

"I'll tell you that if it's really what you want to hear," he taunted himself, laughing. "But we both know it isn't true. Not by a long shot."

Even as he began to cry, Toshiya heard himself laughing insanely.

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PostSubject: Re: Patient No. 228311 - Toshiya   Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:21 am


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Patient No. 228311 - Toshiya
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