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Deceptive. Misleading. A place of beauty that makes you stop and stare. But cross the threshhold...and you'll never escape your nightmares.
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 Patient Number: 19810609 Takashima, Kouyou

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PostSubject: Patient Number: 19810609 Takashima, Kouyou   Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:47 pm


Name*: Ryu/Sweden/Shell

Age*: 20

E-mail*: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Name*: Takashima, Kouyou

Stage Name*: Uruha

Band Name*: the GazettE

Age*: 23
red velvet

Position*: patient

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?: no, and he may not be cured at this time

Sexual Preference?: gay, only bottoms (no exceptions)

Appearance*: Uruha has that charm that you can't actually see, but your mind can. His eyes are piercing, but calm, colored golden like his hair that reaches to his shoulders and around his perfectly framed face. His lips are plush and kissable looking like a woman's. The man is 5'6"[[role play only]] in height and is under 120lbs in weight. His body is lithe and thin, and he takes great pride in his legs.

His clothing usually consists of tight fitting outfits or short anything. He loves the look of his belly, thighs, and arms the most. His skin is pale, but not completely white, though with his new (very unattractive) white outfit that the asylum offers his skin looks a lot darker than it really is.

::Patients Only::

Over Seeing Doctor: None yet, though likes the nurse Ni~Ya

Sever Masochism Disorder (aka Self-defeating Personality Disorder)
A) A pervasive pattern of self-defeating behavior, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts. The person may often avoid or undermine pleasurable experiences, be drawn to situations or relationships in which he or she will suffer, and prevent others from helping him, as indicated by at least five of the following:
1. chooses people and situations that lead to disappointment, failure, or mistreatment even when better options are clearly available
2. rejects or renders ineffective the attempts of others to help him or her
3. following positive personal events (e.g., new achievement), responds with depression, guilt, or a behavior that produces pain (e.g., an accident)
4. incites angry or rejecting responses from others and then feels hurt, defeated, or humiliated (e.g., makes fun of spouse in public, provoking an angry retort, then feels devastated)
5. rejects opportunities for pleasure, or is reluctant to acknowledge enjoying himself or herself (despite having adequate social skills and the capacity for pleasure)
6. fails to accomplish tasks crucial to his or her personal objectives despite demonstrated ability to do so, e.g., helps fellow students write papers, but is unable to write his or her own
7. is uninterested in or rejects people who consistently treat him or her well, e.g., is unattracted to caring sexual partners
8. engages in excessive self-sacrifice that is unsolicited by the intended recipients of the sacrifice
B) The behaviors in A do not occur exclusively in response to, or in anticipation of, being physically, sexually, or psychologically abused.
Slight Schizophrenia:
A mental disorder in the mind that results in delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thinking and/or speech.
Patient suffers from mild hallucinations; hearing voices in his head, but they aren't "coherent"
Also suffers from mild delusions thinking he sees small friendly animals or dark orbs floating around his room.


Personality*: Uruha has a very sweet outer view on the world despite where he is now being kept. He is in no way brash or angered easily. In fact he's more apt to smile at any insult given to him or simply just walk himself mentally right into a stressful situation. He would lend a hand to a hurt person or homeless person any time of the day of any day of the year.

Behind locked doors however he is a sex fanatic. He loves the pleasure of it all, but he's even more in love with the way his partners hurt him during intercourse. Uruha's personality flares with passion at even the mention of abuse while getting what he wants. Even so, he loves to scream and cry.

Likes*: pain, sex, dirty talk, insults, storms, rough beds, revealing clothing (on himself), rabbits, foxes, kittens, and puppies

Dislikes*: snakes, caring sex partners, soft people

Strengths*: has a tremendously high tolerance for pain.

Weaknesses*: doesn't like to be praised unless in a rude way (aka likes dirty talk, hates the 'I love yous')

Triggers: Uruha will go into a state of actually needing sex when he encounters a brash or angry man.

History*: Uruha was 15 years old walking home from school one day dressed in a short dress-like kimono he'd made himself when he ran into an alley way and proceeded to change back into his dull man's issued school kimono when he felt an older man's hand touch his shoulder. Scared and startled, Uruha tried to run, but it only progressed into what had started out as a simple fetish to touch the other's rare colored hair into a full out raping.

Bruised and broken, Uruha drug himself back home and was later punished for wearing such a confusing guise. His father commenced in beating him further and forced him to wear the same boy's clothing for a month, walking him to and from school, half the time sitting in the back of the class to watch his son.

It was only during this time of Uruha's healing that he began to crave what had happened in the alley way. He didn't fully understand it, but he needed it. As soon as his old man's eyes were not on him, he would act up again, in such a way that he would be beaten and watched again under his father's eye.

Obsessed with getting into trouble, Uruha continued to do outlandish acts until he was grown and 18, his father having given up on him at the age of 17, Uruha was in need of "punishment". He went and dabbled in the Japanese Mafia for a while, pushing their limits so that he would be able to get his dosage of pain. However, it did not last and the boss caught on to the other's patterns. He made an offer that Uruha could not refuse.

For three years he worked as a whore for the mafia's toughest clients in need of some nightly company and each week he went out, he came back with his wanted bruises, cuts, scrapes and even a few broken bones.

Uruha never cared though, it was what he wanted, it was what his body craved for. It was only after a few more nights with this kind of pain on his 21 birthday that one night, Uruha began to hear people talking, murmuring behind his pillow in inaudible tones. Tossing and turning, Uruha couldn’t get to sleep for three nights, only getting what he needed on the forth when he was too tired to even care.

That was when his real problems began to surface. He continued to hear the voices and he began to speak along with them, saying weird things that no one would understand. He lost interest in sex too, which in turn, made his boss angry. It knocked some sensibility back into the other and he was good again for a week until he started seeing weird little things that no one else was able to see.

Finally feeling as though he were crazy enough, Uruha enrolled himself into the asylum and has been there for two consecutive years.

Quote :
RP Sample
Please note that this contains graphic material and no one under 18 would normally be allowed to read this.
He could feel the odd fabric of the bed against his cheek, he could see through a haze of color that he was in a small dark room. The sun was setting he assumed because the colors painting the walls were no longer white like they had been when they started, but were instead red and orange and pink.

Grunting the other shifted only to feel the sting of a hand across his head, making stars appear behind his eyes as he groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. "I told you not to move, slut." He heard the man above him hiss as the other panted softly, feeling the other's enlarged sex moving into and out of him quickly and deeply.

He could feel his legs starting to tremble, could feel the throbbing pain of something in his side… probably some glass… or a shard of the vase he'd been thrown against only a few minutes ago. It made the man purr however, made his eyes start to roll in his head, his lips to open and allow a slew of pleasured cries leave his lips.

Uruha suddenly gasped, feeling the other man's fingers grab onto his hair and pull him back as if to make him bend in half, but Uruha complied, wincing and whimpering in pain and pleasure again. He was close… oh so close to the edge, but so far away, his own cock twitching with a tight band of leather tied around his erection. It hurt so much but felt so good… he couldn't escape and he loved it. "Oh~! Y-Yes~! Right there!" He suddenly cried, as the other slammed into him harder, panting. "Right there!!" He screamed again, tears of pleasure starting to roll down his cheeks as the man on top of him growled and hit his head again, this time with all his force as Uruha blacked out again against the bed.

He woke up the next morning with the other no where to be seen. His head throbbed and his side was covered in blood, but there was nothing in his skin. The remains were only memories to Uruha of a great night of sex once again.
~I like Silent Hill~
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PostSubject: Re: Patient Number: 19810609 Takashima, Kouyou   Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:49 pm


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Patient Number: 19810609 Takashima, Kouyou
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