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 Patient #8310 : Ruki

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Patient #8310 : Ruki Empty
PostSubject: Patient #8310 : Ruki   Patient #8310 : Ruki I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 9:15 pm



Name: Juni

Age: 30

E-mail: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Patient #8310 : Ruki 4q4fif

Name: Matsumoto Takanori

Stage Name: Ruki

Band Name: The Gazette

Age: 22
I don't like cupcakes!! XD

Position: Patient

Is this Muse Expendable for the Sacrifice of Science?: Not for now

Sexual Preference?: Will flirt with both men and women, but only actually sleeps with women (so far) (this is more than likely going to change eventually Razz)

Appearance: Ruki dominates the world from the top of his 5 feet and 2 inches. Apparently, nature graced him with everything but height, but it's not really a problem since he DOES have everything else. Good looks (some could even say pretty), a good build despite his smallness, dark eyes like bottomless pools, pouty lips, and all in all perfectly balanced facial features to make him into a rather beautiful man. He keeps his hay blond hair rather short in the back but with longer bangs that hides a part of his face.

Clothing-wise, Ruki favors flamboyant things that make him stand out. Making exception for the time that he was posing as a geisha in training, he was almost always seen wearing tight-fitting pants and half-buttoned shirts that showed a nice hint of his chest. He loves silver jewelry and never fails to wear at least two rings on each hand and one necklace of any kind. He also has a thing for leather bracers and the like, so he often wears at least one along with silver bracelets. He has five piercings on his right ear, and none on his left.

Patient #8310 : Ruki 3305zrs

::Patients Only::

Over Seeing Doctor: None yet


- Megalomania : Megalomania is a psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.

- Oneirophrenia : Oneirophrenia is a hallucinatory, dream-like state caused by several conditions such as prolonged sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, or drugs. Persons affected by oneirophrenia have a feeling of dream-like unreality which, in its extreme form, may progress to delusions and hallucinations.

- Withdrawal : He just misses his booze, which causes -->

- Delirium Tremens : The main symptoms of Delirium Tremens are confusion, diarrhea, insomnia, disorientation and agitation and other signs of severe autonomic instability (fever, tachycardia, hypertension). These symptoms may appear suddenly but can develop 2–3 days after cessation of drinking heavily with its highest peak/ intensity on the fourth or fifth day. Also, these symptoms are characteristically worse at night. Other common symptoms include intense perceptual disturbance such as visions of insects, snakes, or rats. These may be hallucinations, or illusions related to the environment, e.g., patterns on the wallpaper or in the peripheral vision that the patient falsely perceives as a resemblance to the morphology of an insect.


Personality: Because of his megalomania disorder, Ruki is of course a very conceited man. He KNOWS he's better than you. He doesn't consciously mean to make other people feel inferior, but because of his personality it's often how things end up being. He's arrogant but he won't usually be rude or unpleasant towards others. On the contrary, he has a fairly friendly personality and is pretty open with most anyone. In a sense, he considers that by letting those that are inferior to him (i.e. everyone) hang out with him, he's doing them a favor. In his twisted mind, he believes that whoever is seen with him automatically gains some popularity because of course, anyone who's cool enough to hang out with Ruki has to be a t least a bit special.

Ruki is also a very straightforward and honest person ; he's not afraid to speak his mind. If something doesn't agree with him, you'll know. He doesn't easily get angry though, since he understands that inferior people can have faults, so he lets a lot of things slide before actually getting pissed. He tries to avoid conflicts as much as possible because it's just a waste of time and energy. And his time and energy are way too important to be wasted on such insignificant matters. Yes, he's a very self-centered bastard. He's also a major flirt, but that's only because he likes the attention that he gets in return. And also because he's a very sexual man, and he needs to have his candy on a regular basis. Even though he flirts with both men and women alike, he'll only actually go to bed with women. (As aforementioned, this will more than likely change eventually, but at the time of his arrival to the asylum that's how things are.)

Even though he has a drinking problem, Ruki's personality doesn't change much when he's drunk. In fact, it takes a LOT for him to get wasted. But when it does happen, the only thing worth mentioning is that he might start being paranoid about people saying bad things about him behind his back, which is one thing that could trigger his more violent side.

Likes: Booze, himself, praise, sex, presents

Dislikes: No booze, being ignored, being criticized

Strengths: Confident (very), intelligent, attractive

Weaknesses: Booze, beauty (especially the beauty of women)

Triggers: Having his booze taken away, people talking behind his back

History: Matsumoto Takanori was born the second son of a wealthy family, and from the start he was the favorite one. He was cuter than his older brother, did better in school, got all the girls that he wanted, and he was generally praised by his parents for being so successful in every aspect of his life. At a very early age, he started developing the idea that he was better than the common of mortals, especially his brother. He was an arrogant and conceited kid, always looking down on people and thinking himself better than everyone else. He didn't get along with the other kids his age because he was so convinced of his superiority, so he ended up being all alone in his delusion, but he didn't mind. After all, special people were always set apart, weren't they?

Some things changed when he got into high school, and some didn't. He became a little friendlier and started having friends, but his sense of superiority only got worse. He was always the top student, got a lot of praises from the teachers and was generally admired by the other students, especially the girls. Despite his arrogant personality, they were lining up to date him. He did date a lot of them, when he was in high school and after, but he never got into any serious relationships. And the reason for that is quite simple ; he never could find anyone worthy of him.

He finished high school with the highest grades, and was instantly accepted into the most prestigious university to study economics. But on his second years, something happened that made his life take a turn for the worst. His underlings friends at the time were quite the party animals, but Takanori always declined their invitations to join them for their usual nights of decadent drinking. That was until one of them pointed out to him that, well, he wasn't THAT cool if he couldn't even let loose once in a while and have some real fun. Of course, the taunt hit home.

That was the beginning of the end for Takanori. He got wasted alright, and he realized that alcohol enhanced his sense of superiority and greatness even more. So he started drinking more and more, until he reached the point where he was drinking every night. And after that, he started drinking during the day too. He started missing school, his grades dropped, he failed classes, and was eventually kicked out of the university.

It was during these troubled times that Takanori discovered himself a new obsession ; the beauty of women. In his eyes, women represented the ultimate aesthetic perfection. And that was something that he wanted to attain. So in order to reach his goal, he did what he had to do. He posed as a woman under the alias of Rukia and managed to get accepted into an okiya to begin training as a geisha. Of course, all the while, he somehow managed to smuggle booze into his room so his drinking problem only got worse.

About two years into his training though, his father, whom he had not seen or spoken to since dropping out of school, somehow discovered his dark secret and went into an unprecedented fit of rage. He dragged him back home at the tip of his sword before sending him to Iwakami Asylum where, he said, his unworthy son would be cured of his obvious mental unstability.

Quote :
RP Sample: - "You, my son, are a disgrace to our family!" Matsumoto Isshin exploded as soon as they were in the privacy of the family home, rounding up on the white-faced, red-lipped young man in an exquisitely decorated kimono. "Have you no pride? After all the hopes that we put in you, after all the money that we spent to give you a decent education so that you would become a fine man, this is what we get? Bless the gods that your mother is no longer of this world to see such a humiliating sight! My own son, made-up and dressed in women's clothing! I pray that non of my acquaintances saw you in such an attire, or I would have to take my own life out of shame and disgrace!"

Takanori merely stood there, withstanding his father's fury with a rather indifferent expression on his face. Of course his father wouldn't understand the complexity of his mind. Even if Takanori tried to explain it to him, he already knew that it was something that a man like his father could never begin to grasp. His mind was too simple.

- "I mean no offense, father, but you clearly don't understand me," he replied simply. "But I was expecting that. Your brain doesn't function the same way as mine. What I'm doing has nothing to do with pride or shame, it's much more complex than that. It's the search for aesthetic perfection that I'm doing. It's as simple as that."
- "Simple!" the older man barked, his face turning redder by the second. "Our brains do not function the same way indeed! You are sick, my son. There is something seriously wrong with your head, and I will send you away to have it fixed!"
- "You'll have to beat me and tie me up and toss me in the back of a carriage if you want to send me anywhere, old man," Takanori huffed.

The challenging glare that he shot his father didn't stop the older man. And indeed, later that day, a rather bruised and tied up Takanori was dragged into Iwakami Asylum.

My favorite movie is... ummm... well... ah... I guess I could say Interview with the Vampire even if it's not as good as the book. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Patient #8310 : Ruki   Patient #8310 : Ruki I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 9:25 pm

accepted baby~

Patient #8310 : Ruki Tatsuro2-1-1
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Patient #8310 : Ruki
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